Women Wednesday: Marie Curie

There is little to say about Marie Curie that hasn’t already been said but it is important we remember her and her remarkable contribution to science. Marie, born in 1867, worked together with her husband investigating radioactivity and in doing so discovered two new chemical elements, polonium and radium. In 1903 they were awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics for this.

102022065-9347e716-287d-4841-a6a4-952721d3117f.jpgAfter her husbands death in 1906, Marie continued their research and ended up receiving a second Nobel prize in 1911. The research conducted was critical for the development of x-rays and she was therefore made the head of the International Red Cross’ radiological service where she trained doctors in new radiological techniques. Her research meant she was exposed to high levels of radiation throughout her life and developed leukaemia, passing away in 1934. She left behind a legacy which is still discussed widely today and makes her an ideal woman to remember this Wednesday.



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